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Correctly Naming Business Entity Defendants in Business Litigation Complaints

July 27, 2011
Correctly Naming Business Entity Defendants

Correctly naming business entities in a complaint is key. Otherwise, you can blow the statute of limitations as to the actual, responsible party.

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Pro Hac Vice in North Carolina and the EDNC

May 13, 2011
North Carolina Statehouse - State Capitol, Raleigh, North Carolina

Different Pro Hac Vice Rules for Wake County State Court and the EDNC Fighting a business or real estate dispute away from home can be difficult. If you are a lawyer or law firm whose client has been sued in state or federal court in Wake County, you will likely need to be specially admitted and […]

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Serving a lawsuit with UPS or FedEx?

April 17, 2011
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Problems Serving Defendants in Business Litigation or Real Estate Disputes? People get emotional about lawsuits involving land and real property, like adverse possession or judicial partition or judicial sale actions. Frequently, they also get upset about lawsuits involving North Carolina business disputes, like breach of contract claims in NC. Defendants Avoiding Service of Process? Sometimes, defendants’ emotional reactions […]

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