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Presumption of Proper Service on Corporation by FedEx delivery to Receptionist

June 8, 2011
Presumption of Proper Service - FedEx delivery of summons and complaint to receptionist

Dougherty Equipment Co., Inc. v. M.C. Precast Concrete, Inc., ___ N.C. App. ____, NO. COA10-646 (N.C. App. Jun. 7, 2011) In a previous post, we examined the current law on Serving a lawsuit with UPS or FedEx?. In this post, we discuss a recent case revolving around exactly that method of service of process, which is, […]

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Sub-landlord Wins $1 million Judgment for Breach of Sublease Guaranty

April 26, 2011

Henry James Bar-Be-Que, Inc. v. Gilmore, 2011 WL 1238180, No. COA 10-729 (April 5, 2011) This is an unpublished opinion in a case that arose out of the breach of a sublease of a “sports restaurant” in Greensboro.  The North Carolina Court of Appeals decision addressed two main arguments, one procedural, and one substantive. Facts […]

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Eminent Domain: Condemnor’s Deposit and Your Answer

April 17, 2011
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What the condemnor has to do to take your property Public condemnors are governmental entities with the power of eminent domain, the power to take private property for public purposes.  In North Carolina, public condemnors include the NCDOT, cities, counties, and local school boards.  To take your property, there are several things a public condemnor […]

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Serving a lawsuit with UPS or FedEx?

April 17, 2011
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Problems Serving Defendants in Business Litigation or Real Estate Disputes? People get emotional about lawsuits involving land and real property, like adverse possession or judicial partition or judicial sale actions. Frequently, they also get upset about lawsuits involving North Carolina business disputes, like breach of contract claims in NC. Defendants Avoiding Service of Process? Sometimes, defendants’ emotional reactions […]

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