EDNC Special Appearance Attorneys’ Toolbox

by de Ondarza Simmons, PLLC on November 4, 2012

EDNC Local Counsel for Special Appearance Attorneys in the EDNCWhen out-of-state attorneys associate us as Local Civil Rule 83.1 Counsel here in the EDNC, our job is to make them look great. We want our out-of-state co-counsel to quickly become completely comfortable with all of the EDNC local rules, preferences, and practices.  So, the day we are hired as local counsel in an EDNC case, we give all our out-of-state associates the keys to our Special Appearance Attorney Toolbox.

Customizable Local Forms and More

Our Special Appearance Attorneys’ Toolbox contains organized links to

  • key Administrative Office of the United States Courts fillable PDF forms
  • crucial EDNC fillable PDF forms
  • customizable EDNC forms in Word
  • key EDNC standing orders
  • District Judges’ preferences

On-going EDNC Updates keep You Up To Speed

The Special Appearance Attorneys’ Toolbox also contains on-going updates on important, local practices here in the EDNC. It’s our way of making it easy for you to stay on top of all of the key developments in practicing before the EDNC.

Helping You Help Your Clients

If you are an out-of-state attorney with a case in the EDNC, you need local counsel who is fluent in the local rules and practices. Just send us a note and we’ll schedule a telephone or Skype conference so that we can discuss how we can help you help your clients.

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Please include whether you prefer to confer by telephone or Skype and some dates and times you are available.




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